Weight loss supplements that celebrities swear by

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Hearing celebrities use weight loss supplements has become so common now.
And well, they are not entirely at fault.

Since Hollywood is all about looks, it comes as no surprise when people judge you on your weight instead of your talent. Being in the entertainment industry, you are just expected to miraculously become the super healthy version of yourself. Believe it or not, while some celebrities embark on weight loss journeys for their personal reasons, most of the time it is the other way around.

Besides, have you noticed that celebs cause a sensation in the media whenever they lose weight rapidly? Do you know what’s the special reason for this fast weight loss?

Its weight loss supplements.
This is why famous celebs such as Selena Gomez, Ryan Reynolds, and many more go for weight loss supplements to accomplish the results fast and effectively.

Note: Not all weight loss pills work. Research has proven most of them to be ineffective. Hell, the side effects of some will make you question their credibility. I would recommend you to check in with your doctor before committing to any weight loss supplement of your favorite star.

Some of the most loved weight loss supplements or pills of celebrities are:

Garcinia Cambogia

Selena Gomez, the famous singer/actor, is known to have used this weight loss supplement when she lost approximately 20 pounds in 2015. Speculations suggested that she has been taking Garcinia for weight loss regularly to lose weight fast.

Weight loss supplements that celebrities swear by

About Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia or Malabar tamarind is a famous tropical fruit. People root for it due to its acclaimed ability to make you lose weight. The obsessed ones say that this fruit blocks your body’s fat-producing ability and substantially curbs your appetite.

(Doesn’t it sound bogus to you? Sure it can reduce it but how on Earth can anything BLOCK our body’s innate ability to produce fat?! That’s purely an exaggeration, fam.)

A study that was conducted on Garcinia Cambogia found that people consuming it lost 2% more weight than those who did not (Shady). Nevertheless, there isn’t much evidence to support its effectiveness in weight loss.


The famous comedy/action hero Ryan Reynolds openly admitted to using CLA.
For a role in ‘Blade Trinity’, Ryan was asked to decrease his body fat to 3 percent and gain 20 pounds of muscle! (Insane! right?)

Weight loss supplements that celebrities swear by

Do you know what Ryan Reynolds did then?
Well, unlike most of the people who would chicken out (ehm, me included), he ate every 2 to 3 hours, exercised every day, and added CLA, whey, L-glutamine, and creatine along with multivitamins to his diet.

About CLA

Conjugated Linoleic acid is a well-known fat burner compound. It is famous for promoting muscle gain and burning fat simultaneously.

Surprisingly, most of the studies conducted do suggest that CLA aids in weight loss to some extent. However, the long-term effects of CLA are not defined.

Keto Diet Pill

This weight loss pill is a hit among celebrities!
Kaley Cuoco says

Weight loss supplements that celebrities swear by

“With my hectic schedule, it was becoming difficult for me to do something for my health… However, I found out about Keto Pill that helps with effective loss. I must say that it is quite effective and does help in losing weight. After taking it for two to three weeks, I started noticing the difference in my body. I must say that it is effective and works for everyone.”

Carrie Underwood also doesn’t shy away from admitting to using Keto pills for weight loss

“Within a few months, I lost a lot of weight and actually, saw the difference. Even I started getting compliments from my friends. Today, I am not ashamed to admit that my key to fitness and good health is Keto Pill.”

Famous actors such as Kaley Cuoco, Drew Barrymore, Dolly Parton, and musicians such as Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood, among many others have openly admitted to using Keto diet pills for a rapid weight loss.

About Keto diet pills

Keto diet pills work by sending your body into ketosis mode(i.e. burn fat instead of glucose). Surprisingly, increasing ketone levels does help you reduce weight fast.
But is it as effective as a keto diet?
Well, no.
The Keto diet is more effective for weight loss but, be cautious. Not everyone is made for this diet.

Quick Trim

The Kardashians, i.e. Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney backed up Quick trim for its rapid weight loss results.

Weight loss supplements that celebrities swear by

Kim, in an interview with ‘Ok! Magazine’, said that she lost 15 pounds super fast due to Quick Trim. She even became the face of Quick Trim eventually (it surely had one hell of a marketing campaign!). After such positive reviews from these reality TV stars on the mainstream media, Quick Trim gained a lot of popularity (but for all the wrong reasons).

About Quick Trim

This weight loss supplement has quite a history. Despite coming in with a bang in the market, people quickly began to realize that it’s not as effective as marketed. The alarming amount of caffeine in it, as well as some unverified compounds, made it harmful for most people. The scam was big, so much so that 4 customers bought a 5 million dollar lawsuit against the Kardashians for deceptive marketing! (Epic.)


Stars such as Bella Thorne, Amber Rose, Sarah Hyland, the Kardashians (again!), and many more have been vocal about the benefits they experienced after having Fittea. (Remember the time when Insta feeds were full of praise for this dietary supplement? Being a millennial, I do. It was too much to bear actually.)

Weight loss supplements that celebrities swear by

About Fittea

Fittea is made up of all the safe ingredients (relatively). This slimming tea has natural ingredients such as Sencha green tea leaf, pomegranate, honey, ginger among other synthetic compounds that are combined to potentially help you in weight loss.
But can you drink this laxative tea all day to help you lose weight even faster?
Umm, no.
Does it even work effectively in reducing weight?
Also, no.
Studies suggest that such detox teas have little to no effect on weight loss. It’s also lethal to drink it beyond a recommended dose.


The acclaimed star of country music, Wyonna Judd, caught everyone off guard when she announced that Alli is the weight loss supplement she had to get healthy.

Weight loss supplements that celebrities swear by

(Wyonna Judd has many British hot sellers under her belt. No, you do not need to feel guilty if you do not know her. I know country music is not everyone’s cup of tea. Just search her up and you will know how big of a star she is)
After her announcement, Alli, the dietary supplement, became the talk of the town. You can find it easily in UK stores and in America too.

About Alli

Alli contains Orlistat and some inactive compounds. But the best part of this weight loss supplement is that it’s FDA approved! (Finally something you can trust!)

Alli works by slowing the production of lipase, an enzyme that stores fat in your body. As a result, you will have increased bowel movements (The things you do for love- or weight loss- am I right?) and a low appetite. You can take it 3 times a day along with 15 g of fat and judging by the reviews, it is somewhat effective too.


The reason for Zantrex’s craze in Hollywood is Snooki’s claim for its amazing benefits. Snooki, the bulky 4’9″ girl, got her fame from Jersey Shore. And when she lost 15 pounds (became size zero!) in 2011, everyone was obsessed to know her secret.

Weight loss supplements that celebrities swear by

That’s when she revealed that Zantrex3 is the weight loss pill she had taken religiously to get to her ideal weight.

About Zantrex

Zantrex, as claimed by its manufacturers, is an ultra-fast working dietary supplement that will curb your appetite and elevate your mood unlike no other. They also claim that you will experience a boost of energy and will see better weight loss results through this product along with eating healthy and exercising.

But do the doctors agree to these claims?
Eh, not so much.
In fact most of the doctors downright disapprove of Zantrex due to its severe side effects, such as fast heart rate, restlessness, diarrhea, etc.


Materol is backed up by the one and only Lauren Goodger, the celebrity who left everyone stunned when she went from size 18 to size 10 in a quite short time! Lauren Goodger is a UK TV star (you would probably know her if celebrity gossip is your thing) whose weight transformation is truly phenomenal. And when she wholeheartedly endorsed Materol in every statement, people were convinced that it will work for them too.

Weight loss supplements that celebrities swear by

About Materol

As per manufacturers, Materol is made up of extracts and ingredients to help you lose weight fast. It contains Medicago Sativa L, prickly pear cactus extract, capsicum extract, caffeine, brown seaweed extract, and some other ingredients. As per the company claims, it boosts your metabolism, amps up your energy level, makes you alert, and keeps your fatigue at bay.
And what do people have to say about this?

Well, the reviews are quite mixed.
Almost 50% of the users claimed that they had no effect while others were all-praise for this weight loss supplement. Side effects such as heartburn, dry mouth, nervousness, and fast heart rate were also reported. There isn’t much research done in this regard to prove its authenticity.

Note: The good news is that Materol manufacturers offer a 60-day money-back guarantee! And the procedure is pretty straightforward too. (Not too shabby for a weight loss pill, am I right?!)


This weight loss pill has taken the world by storm!
Some big names of the industry, such as Brad Pitt (!), Jennifer Lopez, Anna Faris, and others have used PhenQ to lose weight. This is quite a big deal for a relatively new weight loss pill. People all over the world have also bought this pill to lose weight (Hey, we are not bluffing. Check out the 200,000+ reviews to know what we are talking about!)

Weight loss supplements that celebrities swear by

About PhenQ

(What do they say – save the best for the last?
Well that’s what I did here too!)
As per manufacturers, PhenQ is a combo of 5 weight loss supplements in 1. It is deemed as the safest option for rapid weight loss.

And rightfully so, too.
Being FDA and GMP approved, it doesn’t leave much space for doubt regarding its authenticity. It has been formulated after rigorous clinical trials so that you can have guaranteed weight loss. The plethora of positive reviews does not go much against it, either.

PhenQ works by hampering fat production in your body, suppressing your appetite, and promoting fat burn. You will also experience a surge of energy and elevated mood while on PhenQ. Combining this weight loss pill with exercising and a healthy lifestyle surely produces results. (See the 180,000 positive reviews to settle your doubt!)

A point to ponder

While some Hollywood stars swear by certain weight loss supplements, depending entirely on them is a no-brainer.
There is no magic pill that will do all the work for you
Eating healthy, exercising, and taking care of your mental health all contribute to your weight loss and fitness.

Weight loss supplements are just an optional part of the equation. Focus on the hard work and watch yourself excel flawlessly!
Celebs understand this too and work on their entire healing rather than just hoarding on the supplements that might work. (Although they may show you just one side of the picture, a sad but bitter truth.)
However, there is a slight hiccup.

While some supplements work wonders on some body types, they might be ineffective for others. *sigh*
All I can suggest to you is to keep giving in all your efforts for weight loss, eat healthily and exercise regularly, choose the weight loss supplement you want to work with, and keep your fingers crossed for it to work on you!

And remember, keep shining regardless!

(I can’t help but remember the final scene from the 2011 film ‘The Help’, when the maid Aibleen said the ultimate words of encouragement to the chubby little girl she loved and cared for. She knew life was going to be tough for the little one due to her weight and asked her to remember this for the rest of her life.

“You is kind
You is smart
You is important”

And this is exactly what you need to remind yourself when a situation gets tough.)


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