Weight loss guide for flat belly and bodybuilding

by | Jul 19, 2022 | Fitness

If you want to lose weight while building your body or are just looking for some tips to get a flat belly, we have got everything covered for you.

Is it possible to build muscle when losing weight

Despite what most people say, yes, it is possible to build muscles along with losing weight. Many people have done it, so you can do it too.

All you need to do is to strategically plan your meals and your exercise routine to kill two birds with an arrow i.e. lose fat and gain muscles. And have patience (Good things come to those who wait, my friend).

Note: Focusing on one thing at a time does yield faster results. If you focus on weight loss only, chances are you will lose weight faster than the combo we talked about. The same thing goes for bodybuilding too. But remember, your hard-earned success after working for weight loss and muscle gain simultaneously is more long-lasting than the other. This type of muscle gain is more durable, as per most trainers and bodybuilder experts.

How do weight loss supplements complement exercise and bodybuilding

Wouldn’t it be awesome if weight loss supplements can help you build your body too?

Well, these dope inventions do exist in the market! The connection between weight loss supplements, exercise, and bodybuilding is so blended that putting these weight loss supplements out of the equation will slow down your progress. These weight loss supplements push your body to use its fat reserves to provide energy for exercise while also aiding in muscle making. This helps you lose weight fast and build your body simultaneously! (Bingo!)
Plus, they are completely safe to use.

Weight loss guide for flat belly and bodybuilding

The complete list of these remarkable weight loss supplements is mentioned below:


BCAA(Branched Chain amino acids) is an extraordinary supplement that works wonders on your body. Not only does it provide the building blocks of muscle protein, but it also pushes your body cells to use the fat stored in the body. It also aids in improving the digestive process and immune system. However, the best part of consuming BCAA is: it makes your impending fatigue go away! Branched Chain amino acids do this by blocking the release of fatigue-inducing hormones into the brain, so you do not feel tired even after working out excessively at the gym! (What more can anyone want?!)

Whey isolate protein

This magical weight loss supplement is the best quality of the protein you can provide to your body during the fat loss/ bodybuilding combo. It has just the right amount of amino acids present in it to nourish your body for optimal performance. Besides this, whey isolate works as an antioxidant and helps your immune system function at its best. This is particularly important when you are on a restricted diet and are at risk of calorie deficit!

Whey isolate protein is, without a doubt, a supplement you need to buy for consistent muscle building. A total intake of 40 to 80 grams a day works just fine for any body type.


Creatine is the holy grail for athletes when it comes to building their athletic muscles and maintaining their weight. Numerous studies have proven that the results of this supplement are indeed exemplary.
All you need to do is take 3-5 grams of creatine per day. When you are doing a combination of exercises, such as cardio and lift, to lose weight and gain muscle, creatine can come in quite handy for you. A little amount goes a long way. It is enough to boost your strength and endurance as well as overall muscle growth. It also works wonders for post-workout recovery as well as after aerobic performance.


Deemed as a go-to supplement throughout the year by experts, L-Carnitine is a popular choice of weight loss supplement in the bodybuilding industry.

L-Carnitine convinces your body to use fatty acids it has instead of storing it as fat in the body. (Pretty awesome, isn’t it?) A mere dose of 1 to 3 grams improves blood flow, prevents your muscle from wasting (a common side effect of not eating a high protein diet), and aids in post-workout recovery too.

Note: It’s best to take L-Carnitine with a carbohydrate-rich meal.

Pre-workout Nitric oxide/ L-Arginine boosters

These pre-workout boosters are unbelievably unique and powerful! The main advantage of nitric oxide is it improves blood flow.

Now, you may be wondering what the hell does improved blood flow have anything to do with weight loss and bodybuilding?! Well, let me explain. An efficient blood flow guarantees that nutrients reach your muscles promptly, which makes your muscles larger and stronger. Good blood circulation will make you feel like a new surge of energy went through your body and make you feel less fatigued (a very important prospect for exercise).

The trending supplement RN is Arginine. The benefits of Arginine are mind-blowing! It has the nitric oxide-producing ability, signals muscle cells and enhances muscle growth, promotes fat breakdown, and supports healthy cholesterol.

However, the list does not end here.

Arginine is responsible for regulating salt levels in your body. This is particularly important if you want that ripped body look that competitive bodybuilders show off on their Insta feeds. Arginine helps reduce salt levels under your skin, thus preventing a flushed, smooth look of skin that hides your toned muscles.

Grains of Paradise

I mean, look at the name of this supplement! It’s a gateway to bodybuilding paradise for anyone who wants to lose weight! Although it doesn’t contribute much to muscle building, losing substantial weight can boost your energy level and help you keep up with the exercise regimen. This will ultimately help you in bodybuilding while losing all the extra weight.

Is a flat belly all you want? Read along to find out everything you must do to reach your goal.

Do you know belly fat is the toughest of all to lose?
Aim for any other part of the body to tone down and you will see progress rapidly. But when it comes to belly, boy oh boy will you have to work harder than you can ever imagine.

Weight loss guide for flat belly and bodybuilding

But don’t worry, my friend. I have got you covered here too.
Sure it might be hard to get a flat belly.
And you might even have to cry your way to it. (Sigh!)
But heck! It’s not impossible at all. All you need to do is have patience, keep putting in your efforts and follow the steps mentioned below.

Cut back on sugar and fat

Yeah, we know you have heard it before.
Yes, we also know you are tired of hearing it.
But TBH, this is as real as it can get!

Weight loss guide for flat belly and bodybuilding

Hoarding on sugary delights will only add to your belly fat. If you truly want a flat belly, cutting back on sugar consumption of any type is the best thing you can do for your body!
And also, steer clear of trans fat at all costs. (Yup, I am talking about animal fat.) You can go for cis fat sources such as olive oil that are healthy for you and fill you up quickly.

Steer clear of refined carbs

Oh, this is a no-brainer for sure.

Refined carbohydrates are quite dangerous for your health. That white bread that you love or that pizza dough you devour is all refined carbs.

Weight loss guide for flat belly and bodybuilding

The best thing you can do to get a flat belly fast is to abandon refined carbs altogether. Go for whole wheat bread options instead for a nutritious diet.
P.S. A study shows that people on a low-carb diet lost 2 to 3 times more weight than those on a low-fat diet (A word for the wise).

No sugary drinks for you, too!

You cannot imagine the ill impact sugar and sugary drinks have on you. Research says that sugary drinks are more harmful than sugary foods.

Weight loss guide for flat belly and bodybuilding

Yes, I am talking about the soft drinks and other sweet beverages that you love to the extent that you drink them in replacement of WATER! (Nothing can replace water fam. Start drinking water every day like normal human beings – no offense mate. Not everything is meant to have a taste. A plain glass of water is all your body needs to fulfill its liquid requirements)
Get rid of any sugary drinks stocked in your house immediately. Resisting the temptation of sugar is hard, therefore be extra careful while doing your groceries.

Focus on drinking water

Weight loss guide for flat belly and bodybuilding

Drinking a minimum of 8 glasses per day is vital for you. Since our body has the same indicator for thirst and hunger, you may be confusing thirst cues for hunger. Hydration is very important for flushing out toxins from your body and keeping the body weight within an ideal range.

Buy organic food

Weight loss guide for flat belly and bodybuilding

There is no option more suitable for you to lose weight than organic food consumption. Organically grown food has the least amount of pesticides and is rich in antioxidants. Organic food is more nutritionally dense than the contrary.
(This is important for you to consider if you want to replenish your body with ideal nutrients. Take tomatoes, for instance. There is a massive nutritional difference between organic tomatoes and conventionally grown tomatoes)

Set up your cardio routine

Weight loss guide for flat belly and bodybuilding

Want to get a slim waistline and don’t know where to start? Well change your eating habits and set up your cardio routine to melt all that belly fat away.
Aerobic exercise (i.e. cardio) is the best way to target your belly fat. It strengthens your heart and makes your body more active.

Note: Focusing on the frequency and duration of the cardio routine is more important than the intensity of it. Consistent efforts are the ones that produce appreciable results.

Do weight lifting

Weight loss guide for flat belly and bodybuilding

It’s high time to debunk the myth surrounding weight lifting: No, weight lifting is not only for those who want to bulk up like bodybuilders!
Weight lifting or resistance training is ideal for you if you want to lose visceral fat around your belly. (As per studies performed on overweight adolescents)

Weight lifting helps you gain muscles and tone your body while targeting that stubborn belly fat for rapid weight loss.

Stay away from alcohol

Weight loss guide for flat belly and bodybuilding

Drinking alcohol does more harm than good.

I know nothing feels better than getting wasted and seeing all your problems fade away…
But it’s better to face your fears and leave ill habits back once and for all. Alcohol completely damages your liver, thus contributing to weight gain around the belly, imminent fatigue, and erratic appetite. I would suggest you start drinking green tea instead. The caffeine and antioxidants present in it are linked with a flat belly by multiple studies.

Manage your work routine

Weight loss guide for flat belly and bodybuilding

A major cause of fat belly in people is their unpredictable work routine. This leaves them sleepless, unhappy, and prone to weight gain due to insufficient rest and exercise.

You need to accept this from the heart: Nothing is more important than your health. Sure that extra money you get from your overtime will help you buy the expensive dream house for your family, but ponder on this: Would your family want to live in that when you are no longer with them?
Because this will happen sooner or later if you don’t manage your work routine and make efforts for a flat belly.

Obesity is one of the leading causes of death. The health risks it leads to are seriously concerning. It’s better for you to manage your work routine and take out time for yourself. And trust me, you will become a happier version of yourself in no time!

Strive for a lifestyle change

Lifestyle change is the only solution for a flat belly and keeping your body in shape permanently.

It’s not enough to adopt some changes only temporarily. There is a high risk that you will succumb to your old routine and gain more weight than you lost!

Therefore, adopt healthy habits permanently and change your lifestyle for the better. I can guarantee that it will bring you immense joy and happiness once you reach your lifestyle goal.


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