Stacking Anavar for bodybuilding goals explained

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Anavar stacking, when done right, is the best way to gain the benefits of this marvelous drug i.e. lean and strong muscles.

The options for stacking Anavar are endless. You can find numerous articles claiming to provide options for stacking.

But are they truly worth your investment?

THAT’S the question that you should be asking yourself…

(Don’t worry, no one is asking you to dive into the overload of information available online, I am going to save you A LOT of time!)

After exhaustive research, I present to you the best Anavar stacking options suitable for you and your body goal. These include Winstrol, Dianabol, Testosterone and Cardarine.

Why should I stack Anavar?

Well, that’s an interesting question…

Anavar, with its mind-blowing benefits and utmost safety, stands at the top of the list of the safest steroids in town.

This magic pill is a potent steroid for cutting, does the least damage to the liver, and leaves you with hard-cut abs and modest gains while helping you lose fat simultaneously.

So why stack it?

We recommend this because you will see mind-blowing changes in your gains once you start stacking.

Anavar stacking will help you gain the best of both steroids, without disrupting yourself completely (when Anavar poses the least risks, you are likely to be affected the least with its stacks too!)

Anavar stack with Winstrol

anavar stack with winstrol

Winstrol is a blessing in disguise for any cutting cycle. With both steroids being extremely effective cutting agents, you will see that the Anavar stack with Winstrol will work wonders for your cutting goal!

Winstrol is usually used by bodybuilders to act as a fat burner and a muscle builder at the same time. Since Winstrol, similarly to Anavar, does not aromatize in your body, the gains you get are completely dry, and the vascularization effect is quite praiseworthy.

Surprisingly, the cutting results of Winstrol are much more pronounced than an Anavar standalone cycle. However, the grave side effects of Winstrol can make you skeptical about its use.

Nevertheless, risks are what everyone takes when diving into the steroids’ use…

And when the results are so tempting, bodybuilders indulge in stacking to get reliable results faster.

History of Winstrol

Being founded in the 19th century, Winstrol has always been a favorite for bodybuilders and athletes ever since.

I know you must be thinking why is it still the number 1 choice of weightlifters?

Well, the reason is simple yet concrete. Winstrol not only produces outclass results, but its effects are also everlasting. The performance of sports persons is enhanced tremendously, and it also helps bodybuilders to win world-famous competitions by gaining the required mass that sculpts their bodies perfectly.

The benefits are not limited to the above.

Winstrol also helps gymnastics by increasing their overall strength, stamina, and size of their muscles.

It’s common knowledge that each sport or competition requires a specific skill set. But if you want to have a body with muscle and strength like Hercules then the Anavar stack with Winstrol is all that you need.

Forms of Winstrol

There are two different forms of Winstrol available in the market.

  1. Oral
  2. Injectable

The oral form is mostly a tablet. However, the most popular among people is the injectable steroid. ( TBH I think it’s an individual choice and you can choose either based on its availability in the market.)

Nevertheless, based on Winstrol’s user feedback and recommendations, Injections are more effective and competent in comparison to oral steroids. Some people had to go through liver, kidney, and digestive system issues when using Winstrol orally.

What happens when Anavar stacks with Winstrol?

When Winstrol’s cutting advantage is combined with Anavar, you will get a body that is extremely ripped and strong! The dry muscles, adequate striation, along with elaborate vascularization, will accent your gains just right.

You will be able to flaunt your muscular abs without worrying about water retention!

When this stack is consumed as per guidelines, the results are inevitable. Your stamina will be through the roof, your drive to achieve success will be boosted and your recovery after an intense workout will be pretty impressive too!

I mean, what more can you want?

However, be extremely cautious, consumption without a guide always has its shortcomings. It is highly advisable to consume steroids in a directed manner for praiseworthy outcomes and minimal side effects.

How to use Winstrol and Anavar together?

People often believe that both of these steroids cannot be used together.  Realistically speaking it is no more than a myth.

Many would always advise you against using both, however, if Winstrol and Anavar are used carefully and sensibly the results are more than expected (even the side effects are near to zero!)

Appropriate Dosage of Anavar stack with Winstrol

The proposed usage of both is by reducing the dose of each by half.

Let’s make it easier to understand.

For example, if you are using Anavar 100mg and Winstrol 90mg. then now you are supposed to take 60mg of the former and 50mg of Winstrol.

But why do we need to reduce the dose by almost half?

As you already know that both steroids are useful in the decomposition of body fat and strengthen your body. The required dose will help you achieve your target as Anavar will promote fat burning and Winstrol, which is more anabolic, will not only help in getting your fat level down but will also assist in increasing your power.

Are cycles of Anavar stack with Winstrol different for males and females?

Yes, they are.

For men, the Anavar Winstrol cycle can be of up to 8 weeks. During the first 6 weeks, take Winstrol 15mg and Anavar 10mg per day. From six to eight weeks, the dose of Winstrol will be 20mg per day (keep Anavar dosage the same).

For women, predictably, the dose is quite less. Women can take about one-fourth of the above-proposed dosage for men. The cycle period will be the same for both men and women i.e. 8 weeks.

Winstrol and Anavar stack side effects

Just for your information: Anything in the world, if consumed appropriately, will not have severe side effects.

Yet, remember that there is always a catch with steroid stacking.

If one has taken an overdose of Winstrol stacked with Anavar, then side effects can be seen differently in both males and females.

The possible side effects of this Anavar stack include:

  • Liver issues
  • Hair loss (Baldness- the ultimate cringe worthy trauma that affects most steroid users)
  • Deterioration of male reproductive tissues
  • Significant increase in cholesterol level
  • Infertility
  • Enhanced growth in body hair
  • Menstrual irregularities and breast shrinkage (in females)
  • Constant and severe depression

Anavar and Dianabol stack

anavar dianabol stack

This go-to stack has been a key changer in the world of steroids.

Talking about Dianabol, this drug helps you to gain muscle and fat in all the right places. It, being a prominent bulking steroid, promotes weight gain by retaining water along with muscle production.

It is bewildering to think Anavar and Dianabol are stacked together as their properties or purpose are opposite to each other. The former steroid is used for cutting, recomposing, and getting a lean figure, while the latter is used to add mass. But don’t you worry, the results of this combo are worthwhile.

What’s Dianabol?

Before discussing more details about this stack, let’s first have an overview of what Dianabol is.

Dianabol is a brand name, the formula of which is Metandienone, also known as methandrostenolone. Because of its affordability and effectiveness, it is often widely used by powerlifters and athletes. Dianabol (Metandienone) was actually developed in the mid-19th century.

Dianabol is widely available in the market to be consumed orally.

Benefits of Anavar and Dianabol stack

To deeply understand the pros of the Anavar and Dianabol stack, you must first understand what happens inside your body when you take steroids.

When you start using Dianabol, you can see your body developing muscle mass in a short period. So what actually happens when your muscles develop rapidly?

Dianabol promotes testosterone action and protein synthesis. This results in an increase of red blood cells, which in turn increases nitrogen in your body. The abundance of nitrogen ultimately levels up protein synthesis.

In easy language, Dianabol supports your muscles’ growth. Such growth results in increased blood flow and allows you to do more intense workouts.

And when this combines with Anavar, the ill effects are reduced significantly.

(Let me explain)

While you bulk up on Dianabol, the input of Anavar will assist your body to keep the fats and water weight gain at bay. Remember that Anavar is very beneficial when stacked with Dianabol in terms of reducing the bloating and puffiness which is mainly due to extracellular fluid retention. The best of all is that Anavar substantially reduces the water content under your skin(a characteristic feature of Dianabol) thus making you appear more bulked up.

And the best part is…

You can take this stack orally!!

Anavar and Dianabol both can be consumed orally, so no need to be worried about injections. Especially for those who fear needles.


like me.)


Excuse me for getting your hopes high up mate, but this Anavar stacking package is not all sunshine and rainbows…

You can only get the results if you use the right product.

Be extremely cautious about buying Anavar from the black market. This is the most important thing to take care of, especially because Anavar is expensive to produce, and to increase the profit margin, it is often mixed with Methandrostenolone (Dianabol) by small-scale manufacturers. The result of using such products can be an exacerbation of weight increase and water retention. You will never get the results you are looking for with a fake Anavar.

Thus, it is recommended to purchase these products from top-notch brands, Dbulk by Brutalforce is excellent and trustworthy to buy. (Yes, EVEN if they are heavy on the wallet… you do not want to play with your health!)  and stack them appropriately for daily usage.

The recommended dosage for Anavar and Dianabol

The recommended cycle for Anavar and Dianabol stack should ideally not be more than 6 weeks.

For the first 3 weeks, it is suggested to take 20mg/day(Dianabol) and 15mg/day(Anavar) every day.

For the remaining weeks, you can take 20mg/day(Dianabol) and 20mg/day(Anavar) every day till the end of the cycle.

Note: It is advisable that only men use Anavar and Dianabol stack…this is because there are high chances of masculinization among women with this Anavar stacking method.

Precautionary measures

  • During this stack cycle regularly check liver enzymes as both compounds are c-17 alpha-alkylated. Your liver can come under severe stress because of it.
  • To protect yourself from gynecomastia, a SERM intake is a must to keep your natural hormonal system working (such as Nolvadex).

Side effects of Anavar and Dianabol stacking.

Well, as per the users, the effects are not as pronounced as they are thought. But let me just list them down to make you aware of all the possibilities:

  • Liver issues
  • Increase in aggression
  • Voice deepening
  • Excessive hair growth on the body
  • Oily scalp and acne-prone skin

Anavar and Testosterone stack

anavar and testosteron stack

Well, the good news is Testosterone is among the few compounds that work perfectly when stacked with Anavar. Testosterone is the only steroid that is well-suited to all other androgenic and anabolic steroids.

Testosterone, undoubtedly, can be said to be the best endurance anabolic steroid on the market.

But, is Testosterone a mass-building steroid?

Technically speaking I would say YES, it is. Testosterone is normally thought of by many as a bulking steroid. Let’s look at its properties to understand it in depth.

What is testosterone and how does it work?

Testosterone has a dating history, this drug is dated back to the 18th century and most of the research work on it was done in the 19th century. Primarily, testosterone was considered a sex hormone steroid to increase male reproductive tissues.

Later on, testosterone was selected by athletes and bodybuilders to increase their mass and get the desired bulking effect. This steroid is also used to amp up your stamina and boost your brain functioning.

It’s safe to say that you will be impressed by its mass-building quality!

You can also consider testosterone as the rival of the available toughest bulking steroid in the market. Competitors in the market often consider it to be the hardest to compete with. (Dope! Right?)

So,it brings us to this:

What’s new with the Anavar and Testosterone stack?

This is one of the best Anavar stacking options for cutting. You will find every high-end bodybuilder suggesting novice users start their steroid journey with this stack for the best results!

Speaking about its risk-to-reward ratio, unquestionably, users consider it the best off-season Anavar stack. This is because the side effects of Anavar and Testosterone stack are quite minimal. This Anavar stacking combo is quite tolerable for its user. You will find it easy to adapt to if you have already some experience in using single steroids. (Not to forget if only its moderate dosage is used. You shouldn’t expect to be on the safe side if you are increasing the dose of this Anavar stacking without any limit!). 

The results of stacking, as per user feedback, are very great and not to mention, quite long-lasting.

Like Anavar, Testosterone is FDA-approved medicine. Being FDA-approved, you would feel relaxed when consuming it because it will not harm you as much as the unapproved ones. However, it must be taken under expert medical supervision, who knows its properties and dosages for a better outcome.

Benefits of Anavar and Testosterone stack

The list is quite impressive, guys.

Since the core purpose of both Anavar and Testosterone is the same, you will find that they complement each other pretty well.

The purpose of stacking Anavar and Testosterone is for cutting, bulking, recomping, or for getting untainted strength, and although these are quite diverse goals, you get the best of both worlds because of the flawless amalgamation of Anavar and Testosterone’s properties.

Since Anavar is not famous as a bulking drug, the fat that needs to be stored must be supported by lean muscles and mass. Therefore, Testosterone is stacked with it to get the superlative results.

Testosterone will pace up the fat loss process hypodermically, whereas it will also increase the build-up of muscles and boost your strength. To give you a rough idea if you have not used this Anavar stacking before, you can expect to gain around 25-30 pounds of weight on a moderate dose. And this added weight will be pure of muscle mass and some fat deposits in all the right places!

Intake of Anavar and Testosterone stack

Are you afraid of injecting steroids into your body?

Or do you gag while taking orals?

Because, my friend, this Anavar stacking will be of no help in either case.

Let me get straight to the point. Testosterone can only be taken by injection, as no oral form is available. On the other hand, Anavar is an oral steroid. Therefore, you should get used to both injections and oral medicines, there is no other way around it!

Anavar and Testosterone stack dosage

For Anavar stacking, the dosage is as critical as the cycle itself. If you take up your doses irregularly, the result would not be the same. It would be the same as walking and eating junk food at the same time; may seem a lot but is ABSOLUTELY useless.

Anavar and Testosterone stack doses are different for beginners and intermediates, as you can see below

For beginners:


It can be understood from the above-given chart that if beginners want to attain significant results with the least side effects, they must start with the lowest dose and gradually work their way up. The given dosages are one of the options, you can go even lower than this if it suits you.

Note: Overdose can result in an increase in LDL and a reduction in HDL cholesterol, which will ultimately signify the risk of heart disease.

For intermediates:


Before explaining the above cycle, let me tell you who intermediate users are. We consider intermediaries as those who have taken such steroids previously and they also have taken the stand-alone cycle of each steroid (Testosterone and Anavar).

The recommended cycle of Anavar and Testosterone stack is for 10 weeks in which testosterone dosage is increased weekly up to 500mg from 200mg. You would think of the above doses as quite powerful, and well, in terms of quantity, yes they are but in terms of consumption, no they are absolutely fine. It is okay to consume the above-mentioned quantities ONLY IF you are an experienced user.

Precautions for Anavar and Testosterone stack users

  • Checking blood pressure is advisable. (However, regular users have not complained about it yet)
  • Keep your cholesterol in check too.
  • If in case you find your breast tissue becoming tender, a SERM (Selective estrogen receptor modulator) such as Nolvadex may be taken to avoid gynecomastia.

Note: This Anavar stacking is strictly not for females as the masculinization effect is quite severe.

Anavar and Cardarine Stack

anavar and cardarine stack

Anavar is such a great steroid that it can be stacked with many substances (other than steroids) easily to boost energy, build strength, reduce fat content, and have a pronounced cutting effect. One such drug is Cardarine.

What is cardarine?

Cardarine is one of the classes of drugs which is known as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARMs). SARMs basically are modified substances that bind only with androgenic receptors that promote positive changes in your body i.e., protein synthesis and much more. You can also identify Cardarine as GW-501516. This drug was invented in the 19th century by two pharmaceutical companies.

But why was it invented?

Well, the basic reason was that these companies were working on preventing heart-related diseases and metabolic syndrome. The results of this drug were astounding but the side effects shadowed its positive side. At the trial stage, the usage of this drug was ultimately restricted as it was promoting cancerous cells’ growth.

So why is it used by athletes and bodybuilders?

Because Cardarine is a metabolic modulator, it supports metabolism by burning stored fat and by enhancing glucose uptake by skeletal muscle tissues, rather than using muscles or other carbohydrates or fats for energy.

Athletes and bodybuilders are always on a way to find sources to increase strength, promote lean muscle growth, modify their looks and accelerate fat burning. They, therefore, prefer to take this substance to have an excellent performance during workouts by regulating their metabolism. Cardarine is normally consumed by bodybuilders to enhance their vascularity and get a ripped body style.

Pros of Cardarine

You will be happy to know that Cardarine can benefit you in more ways than you think!

Few to mention are

  • Accelerated fat burning
  • Protects the brain
  • Promotes heart health
  • Increases strength
  • Fights obesity

Anavar stack with Cardarine

The ultimate Anavar stacking for cutting combo is that of Anavar and Cardarine, they are ideally suited for each other in every way. The combined effect of both drugs is so overwhelming that even the non-users advocate for it! It is one of the most preferred stacks by athletes and bodybuilders.

Athletes are always looking for a stripped physique but their goal is to cut and reduce fat in such a way that helps in increasing their stamina and giving them more energy. The overall result of the Anavar and Cardarine stack is all that athletes require.

Anavar and Cardarine stack assist in increasing the oxygen level in your body, which, in return, boosts your endurance. Cardarine is a great way to improve the production of red blood cells in the body. As the body gets its required oxygen supply during exercise, stamina gets boosted up to tackle prolonged strenuous workouts without flinching! (Okay, I admit I may be bragging here a bit but I hope you get my point! This Anavar stacking combo for cutting is not something to be missed…)

This stack can also help in recovering from injuries fast, which means that you can rebound from post-workout fatigue rapidly and ultimately give more time to your practice than regular workouts.

Anavar and Cardarine stack dosages

Now let’s look at the quantities that are required to stack Anavar and Cardarine for best outcomes.

As per experts, 60 to 40 is the best ratio for stacking these substances, with Anavar being more in quantity among the two.

For example: with 60mg of Anavar it is advisable to take 40mg of Cardarine.

The cycle of Anavar and Cardarine stack

The cycle of this Anavar stacking depends on the range of results you are looking for. If it is for a competition, then the cycle can be increased, however, the minimum cycle for those who are new to stacking is 6 weeks.

If you aim to increase your muscle mass, build up your stamina or get your body in shape, then 6 weeks is more than enough.

What will happen to you in the 6 weeks cycle of Anavar and Cardarine stacking?

Now as you are just starting to do bodybuilding to reduce weight and get a lean body shape, this 6weeks cycle of Anavar and cardarine stacking will be divided into 3 phases.

  • The beginner phase:

Consists of the first 2 weeks

  • Anavar 50 mg
  • Cardarine 10 mg
  • The intermediate phase

Includes week 3 and week 4

  • Anavar 50 mg
  • Cardarine 10 to 15 mg
  • The advanced phase

 Consists of the last two weeks

  • Anavar 60 mg
  • Cardarine 15 mg

The beginner phase is the real game changer phase as it is the most tiring and time-consuming. It’s possible that Anavar and Cardarine stack will make you feel a little drowsy but don’t worry, you will be growing healthily in this period too.

Following this period, the pain and exhaustion wear down and fats start burning, thus giving you a boost in energy with unbelievable stamina. It is time for you to take some rest as you are growing stronger.

The last phase known as the advanced phase is the period in which the Anavar and Cardarine stack is at its full peak, your body is all in shape and has excess energy to tackle workout hurdles.

Final verdict

Its up to you to use Anavar stacking for cutting or for any other diverse goals, however, the main thing you have to take care of is consulting your doctor beforehand and getting yourself accessed before, during and after the Anavar stacking cycle. Also, never skip on PCT as post cycle therapy is crucial to bring your hormonal function back to normal.


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