How to Build Muscle Fast

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Muscle Building

Almost every muscle builder wants to know how to build muscle fast. But what are the best practices that can help to achieve muscle goals? This brief article will help to discover some of the best and most effective ways to build muscle fast. Muscle building is an art that needs proper planning. Messing with weight at the gym or loading your body with different macronutrients cannot be enough; you need a proper muscle building plan. Let me share 10 ways to build muscle faster.

how to build muscle fast

How to Build Muscle Fast- Top 10 Ways

1.Set Your Strength Goals

Don’t focus on gaining “X” pounds of muscle. Work on getting stronger. Increasing strength enhances the body’s ability to recruit muscle fiber, especially the ones that make your physique attractive. Strength training helps to make your goals more concrete and tangible. Here are three exercises you need to perform to see improvement.

Upper-body push (such as bench press)

Upper-body pull (such as chin-up)

Lower-body exercise (such as deadlift)

2.Keep Nutrition Track

Just like the training goals and progress record, it is important to track nutrition properly. It doesn’t matter how hard you are training if you are not eating proper calories. Keep a track record will help you how much you are actually eating. You can easily adjust nutritional deficiencies if you are not getting desired results. Note down everything you eat and drink at the time of the body. For instance, if you are not gaining desired weight than you can add more calories to kick start the progress.

3.Compound Exercises are Best

Compound exercises involve multiple muscle groups than a single joint. Such exercises include pull-ups, deadlift, press, squat, and row. Compound lifts enlist lots of muscle mass, making it for effective training and an efficient release of hormones like testosterone that stimulate growth. Isolation workouts like leg extensions and curls are also useful. But keep them optional and concentrate on compound lifts.

4.Go to Bed on time

Getting proper sleep is imperative for muscle growth. It helps your muscles to recover rapidly. Experts recommend taking a sound sleep for eight to nine hours per night. Remember a night sleep is beneficial than powerful naps. So never compromise on a night sleep. Don’t use mobiles, tablets or laptops when at bed for sleeping as they can kill your sleeping hormones. Choose a dark, noise-free atmosphere for a quality sleep.

5.A Shake During Training can be useful

Pre and Post-workout nutrition are always very effective as they are very significant. If you are aiming to gain muscle then a protein and carb-rich shake can add extra calories to your body without any extra meal. Mid-workout nutrition gives a quick shot of calories and carbs that can maintain energy up and aid in harder training.

6.Work on each muscle two or three times per week

Each bodybuilding program is normally split up to hit each body part once a week. It means you go longtime between training sessions for a specific muscle group. If you are lifting weights three times a week, try switching to entire body workouts. By doing so, you will easily hit each muscle three times a week. Try to perform 2-3 sets per muscle group.

7.Don’t avoid Legs

One can’t the importance of leg training in building muscles. There are two reasons.

The muscle imbalances look odd.

Heavy compound lower-body exercises such as deadlift have a serious impact on overall muscular development.

8.Eat more on “off” days

Don’t ignore proper diet on off days. During off days, muscle recovery takes place and muscle growth stimulates. So eating plenty of nutrients on off days helps your body to recover and grow muscles.

Try to limit the carbs intake in non-training days as your body doesn’t need any extra energy for workouts. But maintain protein intake high as muscle need protein to recover and build properly.

9.Hug the Carbs

People use low-carb diet for losing body fat. It is obvious that you will gain some fat while building muscles.

Include carbs in pre-workout and post-workout meal as a starting point. Also, use them in a shake for workouts. You can adjust the carbs according to your diet and progress.

10.Keep the Weight Track

Normally people weigh themselves when losing weight but it is wise to weight when building muscles. Try to weigh yourself at least once a week on a specific time and date. Morning time is ideal for doing so. If the scale is not moving up then you are not gaining muscle. Simple and easy. You can also use a mirror to make sure your muscles are improving or not.


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