Anavar and Testosterone Stack – The Best Cycle for Cutting Goals

by | Dec 6, 2023 | Bodybuilding supplements

Are you ready to give yourself a platinum upgrade?

Is it taking too long to sculpt the body of your dreams?

You have, then, come to the right place for guidance.

Anavar and Testosterone stack is a god-send blessing in disguise for those of you who want to tone themselves up while losing all the unnecessary fat. This ultimate stack will help you achieve an iron-hard lean body (and make your deepest desire come true!). Being the safest stack on the market, you can rest assured to face minimum side effects with maximum results on its cycle.

Read below to find out the link between Anavar and Testosterone and further details regarding cycles, pros, cons, usage, side effects, as well as the outcomes you gain from this stack.

What is Testosterone?

Anavar and Testosterone

Testosterone, also known as the Test or T hormone, is a male sex hormone that regulates your muscle size, bone density, sex drive(libido), mood changes, and much more. Testosterone is also produced by ovaries in women but only in a limited amount.

Testosterone is a bulking steroid and produces impressive anabolic results, especially when used in a stack. This powerful steroid makes you energetic and full of strength. (You will feel like conquering the world on this one!)

You are given synthetic testosterone if your body is producing less of this elixir due to any medical condition or any steroid side effect. (This is known as TRT – Testosterone Replacement Therapy)

Testosterone, when it reaches your blood, is converted into estrogen and DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). Though this procedure occurs at a steady rate naturally, the whole cycle gets disturbed when testosterone level increases in your body more than the required range. This may cause unwanted side effects in both genders.

Note:Testosterone is used as a base in a steroid stack by most male users. Females, on the other hand, are not recommended to use testosterone at all.

Types of Testosterone

Well, there are multiple types of synthetic testosterone, all of which are available easily. All these Test forms differ in the ester chain attached to them, which determines their stability in the body and how long it will take for you to absorb them. This makes them differ in their half-life and frequency of injections.

(Yup, testosterone comes as an injectable.

No, there is no going around this.

You can choose from the following types of testosterone depending on your ease and their peculiar benefits!)

The types of Testosterone are

  • Test Propionate (Prop)

The best part about this Testosterone variety is that it helps you maintain a stable blood hormone level due to its shorter half-life (4.5 hours). However, the downside is that you have to inject it every alternate day.

  • Test Enanthate (E)

Test E is a famously used Testosterone form, mainly due to its reasonable price and ease of injection. It has a greater half-life than the former i.e., 7 to 9 days, thus you would have to deal with fewer injections overall. (Yay!) You can inject this Test form once per week; however, it would be better if you can do more.

  • Test Cypionate (Cyp)

Test Cyp has an even greater half-life than the former forms i.e., 8 to 10 days. It is also a popular Test form due to its affordability and easy injecting process. It also requires fewer injections. Although one injection per week will do, it would be ideal if you can do more.

  • Test Sustanon (Sust)

Sustanon is the top contender when it comes to longevity. This combo of different types of Testosterone has a half-life of 2 weeks to 18 days (Yikes!). This limits its dosage to once every 3 weeks however you can also do more than that.

What is Anavar?

Anavar and Testosterone

Anavar is the ultimate cutting steroid of all time. It is deemed the safest anabolic steroid of all and is popularly cycled by both genders.

Anavar is the common name for Oxandrolone, which is derived from DHT or Dihydrotestosterone.

This drug works wonders for those who want to lose fat while building muscle at the same time. It has an anti-catabolic effect i.e., it prevents wastage of muscle during an intensive workout and provides you with strength and endurance, unlike the ones you have had before.

Anavar is safe for both women and men and is mostly used for cutting by men and for both bulking and cutting by women.

Note: Anavar is mostly used as an ancillary steroid by powerlifters and bodybuilders to increase their strength.

Anavar and Testosterone connection

The connection between Anavar and Testosterone steroid, as evident from above, is that the parent molecule is the same in both cases. While Test forms are all derivatives of testosterone, Anavar is made from DHT, a byproduct obtained on the testosterone breakdown.

Both Anavar and testosterone interchangeably serve the same purpose. They both act as a binding agent on androgen receptors, thus inducing muscle gains, a boost in metabolism, helping you lose fat, and improving your strength and endurance.

The ultimate Anavar and Testosterone connection makes it an ideal cutting stack. The lean and muscular body you get as a result will surely leave you and your gym mates stunned!

Usage of Anavar and Testosterone stack

The Anavar and Testosterone stack is the best duo to turn up the dial on intense muscle gains.

I know you work hard and abide by every rule in the book to gain outstanding biceps and triceps, iron-hard abs, and toned legs to die for…

But being a beginner at bodybuilding is hard.

Using any single steroid cycle doesn’t benefit much most of the time.

The more you work out, the more you realize that using an anabolic steroid stack will help you reach your goal faster and easier.

So, what’s stopping you from using the safest stack on the market?

Because Anavar and Testosterone stack is exactly what you need to get some serious gains and jaw-dropping vascularization! (Not to mention the repulsive fat you lose from your body. Your confidence level will be through the roof on this stack!)

The most striking aspect of this duo is you get the most natural muscle tone enhancement after a complete cycle. (This is particularly important if you do not want to look like over-the-top bodybuilders whose ginormous muscles are swollen with nothing but water!)

The moderate amount of muscles you gain on this cycle looks natural and ripped at the same time. Losing fat weight will add more to your charm.

Trust me, you will instantly become the magnetic mojo on the Anavar and Testosterone stack.

Note: Do not mistake this stack for a bulking one under any circumstances. If your goal is to build up significant muscle size, then you have to add a more powerful steroid such as Trenbolone and Anadrol to the mix.

Pros of this stack

The benefits of using Anavar and Testosterone stack are

●    Enhanced lean muscle mass

Yup, like every anabolic steroid, Anavar and Testosterone stack has the power to do that. But the best thing about this is that you get dry gains i.e. pure muscle mass unlike the ones ballooned with water! (Don’t worry, the diuretic effect of Anavar will give you moderate vascularization to flex about!)

The iron-hard muscles you gain on this stack will last even after the cycle and will push your stamina through the roof!

●    Fat loss

Is it becoming increasingly hard for you to lose that stubborn fat around the abdomen?

Don’t worry, you are not alone.

We all struggle to target specific fat areas to get the ripped physique of our dreams. Anavar and Testosterone stack will help you lose that unappealing, sexually repelling stubborn body fat effectively. This perfect combo will help beginners achieve optimal muscle mass to body fat ratio, making you permanently reverse your body appeal and performance!

●    Improved strength

There is one thing for sure: You will start your day off right with this stack!

Anavar and Testosterone both boost your strength and endurance. And the dope fact about this is that it works equally well for both beginners and expert powerlifters. Taking this stack is like dripping a steady stream of mind-blowing energy into your bloodstream!

This stack gives you the much-needed energy to combat intense workouts and speeds up the recovery process too. (What more do you want?)

●    Relatively safe for health

Both Anavar and Testosterone are the least damaging to your health. Therefore, it is regarded as the best cycle for beginner-level bodybuilders and those who want to try anabolic steroids with minimum side effects. Anavar is in fact the ‘safest’ anabolic steroid you can ever take. Testosterone also is a very potent steroid, in terms of risk VS reward. This combo messes up your system the least and helps you achieve modest results in no time.

●    Less cardiac stress on Testo

All the anabolic steroids work by water retention in your body to some degree. This added water increases your blood volume and puts your heart under added stress! The heart, one of the most important organs of your body, will now have to work extra hard to pump blood to all organs.

However, the good thing is that Testosterone improves the contractions of heart muscles. Studies have shown that Testosterone decreases cardiovascular risk factors, thus making it strong and healthy in the process.

●    Significantly low liver stress

Anavar, despite being oral, does the least damage to the liver. On the other hand, Testosterone (if taken for short cycles in moderate-low doses) doesn’t stress the liver much too. This is a major concern for steroid users as liver stress can ultimately lead to unwanted consequences such as liver neoplasms, cholestasis, and much more.

Note: Anavar increases the liver enzymes on long-term use. It is therefore recommended to keep the cycle short i.e., 6 weeks to the max.

Cons of this stack

The disadvantages of using Anavar and Testosterone stack are

●    Cannot be used for bulking

If you wish for extraordinary muscle gains, then Anavar and Testosterone stack is not suitable for you. This cycle will not make your muscles swell. If you wish for a bulking steroid stack, then you would have to go for other options.

●    Not suitable for females

It’s best for females to avoid using this stack. If you are a female, using pure Testosterone (male hormones) will mess up your womanhood completely. Testosterone is extremely effective in causing virilization i.e., smaller breasts, hirsutism, increased body hair growth, disturbed menstrual cycles, deepening of the voice, and even infertility in extreme cases.

●    Has side effects

The side effects of Anavar and Testosterone, when used as a combo, are a whole nother discussion. Therefore, I have described them in detail below, along with possible steps you can take to avoid/reduce them.

Side effects of Anavar and Testosterone stack

The side effects of Anavar and Testosterone stack include:

●    Elevated Blood pressure

The main culprit behind this side effect is Testosterone. Testosterone is associated with multiple side effects, one of which is an increase in blood pressure. Anavar on the other hand does not cause any major change in blood pressure when used in low doses for a moderate amount of time.

This is why it is necessary to monitor your BP regularly through blood pressure kits or by regular check-ups.

To tackle this situation, you can take the following step

  • Include cardio in your workout routine
  • Drink lots of water
  • Focus on losing weight
  • Decrease the sodium consumption in your diet

A combination of all these steps can help you maintain your blood pressure in an adequate range.

●    Increased Cholesterol

An increase in the amount of bad cholesterol (i.e., LDL) is a major concern when taking Testosterone. Increased cholesterol can lead to a myriad of health problems, especially enhancing your chances of cardiovascular problems.

While Anavar plays a key role in decreasing cholesterol, the duo itself can lead to increased blood lipid levels which can become a concern for most people.

The supplements that can help to bring pack your cholesterol levels within the normal range are

  • Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Psyllium husk

●    Hair loss

Intaking anabolic steroids has its side effects. One of the major concerns while taking Testosterone and Anavar stack is hair loss. Both of these cutting steroids make your DHT levels plummet which can result in thinning of hair and increased hair fall too.

This can put off a lot of bodybuilders, especially those for whom looks are the main issue! But don’t worry, not everyone has the same result. The degree to which you will have hair loss will depend on your genetics and your sensitivity to this anabolic steroid stack.

Regardless, you can prevent this from happening by using

  • DHT blocking supplements such as Finasteride or Saw Palmetto
  • Specialized shampoo such as caffeine shampoo.

P.S. The hair loss problem is only a momentary discomfort. It vanishes as soon as you stop the cycle and your hormones come back within their normal range.

●    Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia or man boobs is the most side effect that bodybuilders have to face on anabolic steroids. Testosterone especially can cause gynecomastia when taken in high doses for long periods.

Supplementing with Testosterone increases its conversion to estrogen via aromatase in your body. Increased estrogen levels can cause man boobs along with other performative hindrances such as decreased libido etc.

On the other hand, Anavar itself does not directly influence estrogen production however taking it regularly can lead to other complications which can in turn increase estrogen production.

To combat this problem, you can take anti-estrogens during the Anavar-Testosterone cycle. This will control the increase in breast tissue to some extent. Some of the best anti-estrogens are Arimidex, Nolvadex, and Clomid.

Note: The levels to which you develop breast enlargement depend on how much estrogen is already present in your body. The more estrogen you have, the more likely it is that you develop ‘boobs’ in this cycle.

●    Liver failure

Liver failure is a major concern for long-term high-dose steroid users. Although the liver is the only vital organ in your body that can recover itself from the damage to its cells, it must be given appropriate time to rest and recover in between cycles.

Testosterone harms your liver and affects liver enzyme concentration in the blood. Anavar also does not damage the liver directly but increases the liver enzyme level in your blood. This increase in free enzyme level is an indication that your liver is under stress!

The best way to tackle this issue is to go for supplements that support liver functioning and improve your lifestyle. The things you should do are:

  • Take milk thistle supplement or artichoke leaf supplement
  • Stop drinking alcohol (or cut down if possible)

Who should not use the Anavar and Test stack

Despite being a stack of relatively safe steroids, I would suggest women avoid it completely. This is because they are at a very high risk of developing virilism under Testosterone.

(Trust me, ladies, giving up your womanhood is not the best choice when it comes to this cutting stack. I know you want to get ripped and lean — and you have every right to do so — however, I would just suggest sticking to the safest option for you out there for a muscle-building effect i.e. an Anavar-only cycle!)

Anavar and Testosterone cycle is completely off-limits for those too who have never used steroids before. If you do not have any exposure to steroids, going for a potent stack right away is only barking up the wrong tree!

Never go for the stacks directly unless you have tried a steroid alone first. (Milder ones are usually the best for non-users to try, such as Anavar which is deemed as the safest steroid for all bodybuilders.) Once your body gets adjusted to a single steroid cycle, you can go for stacks after taking a break.

Testosterone Anavar cycle

The Testosterone Anavar cycle typically lasts for 6 to 8 weeks. Depending on your user type, you will be suggested different doses of Testosterone and Anavar for an effective cycle.

For Novice users

If you have never taken a steroid before, staying safe is the best option for you. The cycle that can work for you is

Day 1-7100mg Testosterone15mg Anavar
Day 8-14100mg Testosterone15mg Anavar
Day 15-21100mg Testosterone15mg Anavar
Day 22-28100mg Testosterone20mg Anavar
Day 29-35100mg Testosterone20mg Anavar
Day 36-42100mg Testosterone20mg Anavar

Although the dosage is quite low, it is better to see if it works for you rather than jumping straight for the bigger numbers. Increasing the dosage gradually in the next cycle if you do not see any difference.

Note: The best cycle for males who have never used steroids before is 300 mg testosterone for 6 to 8 weeks. You can also go for an Anavar-only cycle of 10 mg per day. It’s better to use stacks only when you have taken a steroid on its own.

For Beginners

This is for the bodybuilders who have already experienced a single steroid cycle (such as the Anavar-only cycle).

This cycle will have an amplified muscle-building effect on you, and you will appear more ripped and lean. The dosage for the Anavar Testosterone beginner cycle should be

Day 1-7200mg Testosterone15mg Anavar
Day 8-14200mg Testosterone15mg Anavar
Day 15-21300mg Testosterone15mg Anavar
Day 22-28300mg Testosterone20mg Anavar
Day 29-35300mg Testosterone20mg Anavar
Day 36-42350mg Testosterone20mg Anavar
Day 43-49350mg Testosterone

These conservative doses will work safely for you if you have taken any anabolic steroids before.

For Intermediate users

If you have already taken the above-mentioned cycle, you can follow up with this upgraded Anavar Testosterone cycle.

Remember, this cycle is only for the users who have experienced the Testosterone Anavar cycle before. New users must not try this cycle without trying the low dosage cycles first. The appropriate dosages for Testosterone Anavar intermediate cycle are

Day 1-7200mg Testosterone20mg Anavar
Day 8-14400mg Testosterone20mg Anavar
Day 15-21400mg Testosterone20mg Anavar
Day 22-28400mg Testosterone20mg Anavar
Day 29-35400mg Testosterone20mg Anavar
Day 36-42500mg Testosterone20mg Anavar
Day 43-49500mg Testosterone20mg Anavar
Day 50-56500mg Testosterone20mg Anavar
Day 57-63500mg Testosterone
Day 64-70200mg Testosterone

Stick with the recommended doses to get maximum benefits out of this cycle. Increasing the doses furthermore will not improve the result at all.

Anavar and Testosterone

The outcome of the Testosterone Anavar cycle

The outcome of the Testosterone and Anavar cycle is desirable by many, especially beginners. Testosterone Anavar cycle yields rock-hard lean gains, the muscles cut which you desire and the fat loss you secretly wish for!

Testosterone and Anavar stack are a complete package for the guys new to the field of bodybuilding. The outcome of this stack is most rewarding when compared in link with the risks and harms of other cutting stacks. The gains you get on this cutting stack are genuine, very lean, and here to last. You will make your energy level skyrocket on this extraordinary stack, which will drive you to tackle intensive workouts without giving up!

This newfound strength and endurance will further push your body to burn those unwanted fat cells and continue working out without reaching the time out.

And don’t worry about losing all your gains post-cycle. You only lose some water weight after you finish the cycle. The rest of the gains and the cutting effects last even after you have completely recovered from the stack’s use.

Some add-ons to consider on the Testosterone Anavar cycle

Consider taking complementary drugs on this cycle if you want to least damage the normal functioning of your body. These complementary drugs will help solve the issues linked with Anavar and Testosterone usage.

I’m listing the best of the best drugs that you can take for your good. Remember, the cycle will work regardless but adding these medications to your cycle can reduce some of the side effects and even speed up the post-cycle recovery process.

  1. TUDCA(The ultimate hepatic protector)

This miracle drug is all you need to protect your liver from any possible ill fate. Know that although Anavar is quite mild, Testosterone when used in a stack (especially for lengthy periods) can become hepatotoxic.

TUDCA, on the other hand, can come in quite handy in this case. This verified drug reduces liver inflammation and even lowers the free liver enzyme level within your blood (this indicates recovery of the liver!). TUDCA also reduces your chances of developing cholestasis from steroid use, which is a major health hazard in steroid users.

  1. Anti-estrogens(To tackle gynecomastia in high doses)

Estrogen increase is no joke for men.

And gynecomastia is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the mountain of problems you become vulnerable to on estrogen rise in your body. You put yourself at risk of decreased libido, priapism (elongated erection), breast tenderness, irritability, mood swings, and even low sperm count in some cases.

This is why taking anti-estrogen compounds becomes essential with this stack. The most popular ones are Nolvadex and Clomid, both of which can be used in the cycle and in PCT too to bring your testosterone production back to normal.

Steroids that can enhance the yield of Testosterone Anavar cycle

Although the gains you get on the Testosterone Anavar cycle are unique in itself, some people are still not satisfied with the result. If you want to enhance the yield of this stack, consider adding the following steroids to your stack:

Deca Durabolin

Deca Durabolin is the missing piece of this stack if you want to improve your gains furthermore!

This extremely potent bulking agent will take your muscle gains to the next level when taken alongside Testosterone and Anavar in this cycle.

But be cautious!

The greater the results are, the more you are putting yourself at risk of serious side effects from steroid use. Always consult your doctor or general physician before mixing up a steroid stack.


This steroid will take your body sculpting game to the next level!

If you want to get more shredded and ripped, adding Clenbuterol to the Anavar and Testosterone stack will work wonders for you. The combo of Anavar and Clen will improve your fat loss and help you gain more lean muscle mass.

However, there are downsides to this stack too.

The greatest risk that Clen poses is an abnormal increase in blood pressure. This can be quite dangerous for heart patients and even for regular users as Clen acts like adrenaline, causing a spike in your heart rate and consequently your B.P.

Things you should always do when on an Anavar and Testosterone stack

Use only the recommended dosage

Don’t meddle with the doses for an adventure.

The risk you expose yourself to in such a case is not worth the experience.

I am telling you this because it’s easy for beginners to get carried away. I understand that you are extremely enthusiastic about being new to the bodybuilding circle and want to gain results as fast as you could but being impatient will lead you nowhere.

You must stick to the regimen provided to you by a health professional, take things slowly and work your way up on the dosage allowed to you.

And always keep this in mind: the higher dose you take, the more consequences from which you will suffer. Therefore, stick to the safe limit and let things go with the flow.

Get yourself assessed

Yup, it’s absolutely necessary!

Get yourself checked every once in a while, to know what is happening inside your body. The more you delay or ignore your health issues, the more serious your situation will be.

This is especially important if you are having problems such as low sex drive, unusual tiredness, extreme irritability, and elongated erection, among others.

I would suggest you get a complete checkup and blood work done before starting the cycle, twice between the cycle, and once 2 weeks after ending your cycle. This will show you a complete picture of the situation going on in your body. Doing this will also help your doctor in choosing the right path for your recovery.

Opt for a PCT

You should never end a steroid cycle without a PCT.


Be it a single steroid or a steroid stack cycle, PCT or Post-Cycle Therapy is a must to bring your hormone levels back to normal.

Steroids, whether mild or strong, mess up your inner system (especially testosterone production) pretty badly. You will have to wait several weeks if you wait for your hormonal function to naturally return to normal.

This is not recommended at all as you will have to face low mood and decrease libido during this period (these are the side effects of low testosterone in your body).

HCG, Nolvadex, Clomid, and Arimidex all are potent contenders of post cycle therapy. Take guidance from your healthcare provider to set an appropriate PCT for you.

Buy from a reputed forum

This is very important. Especially when buying Anavar.

This is because Anavar is expensive and mostly counterfeited by ill-intent organizations and personnel. Whether you are buying online or from a store, always look for reputed and trustable organizations for buying your Anavar and Testosterone stack. Know that saving a few bucks on steroids does more harm than good.

Final verdict

Anavar and Testosterone are the best stack for a cutting cycle. Not only does it work flawlessly for every type of user, but it is also one of the safest cutting stacks in town.

So, if you are new to bodybuilding or looking for a potent stack to sculpt your body, look no further than the combo of Anavar and Testosterone. (Consulting your doctor before starting the cycle and even during the steroid use is the best thing you can do for yourself! Never go against a physician’s advice merely to follow a trend)


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