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All about the Vegan Diet

A food pyramid or diet pyramid is designed for an optimal number of servings to be eaten each day from each of the basic food groups.

The first food pyramid published in the year 1974 in Sweden. The current pyramid introduced by the United States Department of Agriculture was called the “Food Guide Pyramid.”

There are two reasons why the most people fall off the vegetarian diet, people who feel not full or they are simply become sick on a vegetarian diet lifestyle.The lack of nutritional food and supplements to support the body is the main cause of these symptoms. They are not well familiar with how to eat properly; this can lead them to feel sick or not satisfied with the food they are consuming. So they go for veggie burgers, packaged food, veggie pizza, cheese sandwich, and other junk food to full fill their hunger, but they are sacrificing their health by these methods of food.

We have a better option to share with you and hopes you can control over to these bad hunger take over foods. By adopting these foods, you can control and support your body for the appetites you are taking.

Fruits & Vegetables

The word vegetarian comes from the fresh vegetables. You should take at least six servings of vegetables and fruits per day. The natural plants are a very safe source of a lot of nutrients, vitamins and trace minerals that are very helpful to provide the energy and support to cell growth and development in the human body. Always go for fresh the canned fruits and vegetables are not good for the health. You can add some taste by steaming the vegetables and light spices. Fruits and vegetables are in rich in fiber, so they are a natural source to cleanse your inner body. Your body energized all the day.

Meatless Diet

A couple of years ago everyone was in search of anti-carbohydrates. During this period the carbohydrates caught a bad reputation. Grains and pasta are a staple for the meatless diet.

Never try to eliminate these important things they are working as fuel for the human body. Must include the four servings to support the functioning of the brain and provide your body with amino acids per day.


Your body needs fat, fiber and proteins and you can get these from beans and nuts. To balance your meatless diet, as a vegan include three servings per day. Never go for the canned beans they loaded with salt and preservatives. Dried cooked beans are most beneficial for health.

Alternative for Meat

You should include the veggie burgers, different TVP, tofu, tempeh, and other but not more than two servings a day. Tofu and tempeh are better than other processed products. The less processed food contains more nutrients.

Other things to include

Fats, sweets, and oils are also needed. Olive oil and avocado oil is the best source to cook your food in these oils contains healthy fats. Alternative for sugar is available in the form of agave or applesauce. You can also use the raw sugar cane for cooking if you are in love with sugar.

Dairy & Eggs

As a vegetarian, you can consume the dairy and eggs but make sure you are not taking more than three servings per day of dairy products like cheese and milk. Eggs can also be used but three times a week.