A Thorough Analysis of Weight Loss Results by Anavar

by | Nov 16, 2021 | Weight loss

Have you ever had the urge of taking steroids to speed up your weight loss process?

Out of the multiple options present in the market, Anavar claims itself to be the less harmful steroid in comparison to Testosterone.

But is it worth investing in?

We would suggest you think twice.
Despite the claims made by its manufacturers, the consumption of Anavar comes with a range of serious side effects. A comprehensive analysis of the results of Anavar consumption proves that things are not as simple as they may seem.

Let us first look at the working mechanism of Anavar.

How does Anavar work?

Anavar is an anabolic steroid that boosts the production of lean muscles in the body and, in turn, aids in the loss of weight.

Anavar has a basic mechanism through which it works. It involves:

● Building up of lean muscles(by stimulating increased absorption of protein from the food that we consume)
● Regulating the skeletal muscles such that it increases the density of bones, thus making your bones stronger with consumption on a regular basis.
● Regulation of the IGF-1 levels so that normal tissue growth is promoted.

All these steps occur simultaneously whenever Anavar is consumed. A combined effect of these increases the strength of your body, thus making you feel more active than usual. This increased metabolism also forces your body to burn all the extra fat to get energy for the body.

But is it all good and well? Unfortunately no.

The downsides of this drug’s regular consumption are so many that a whole list can be made out of it.

Side effects of Anavar

Being an anabolic steroid, the list of its side effects is so immense that you are bound to wonder whether you should put yourself at risk or not. Its side effects include:

● Effect on the mental health of the drug user. A large group of people said that they suffered from serious episodes of depression when they used Anavar.
● Some people also suffered from upset stomachs, vomiting, and nausea for long periods.
● Anavar is linked to worsening of the health of your skin which may lead to increased acne and recurring rashes
● You can also expect a change in your sleep cycle by Anavar. Periods of insomnia, restlessness, and headaches are commonly reported side effects.
● A major turndown of this drug is that it disturbs your cholesterol levels and also elevates your blood pressure. This puts you at an increased risk of developing heart disease.
● Anavar can have serious implications on your liver. This crucial part of the digestive system can completely fail if Anavar consumption is not controlled.

The list does not end here. Both genders can have multiple side effects specific to each of them.

Results of weight loss through Anavar in Women

Anavar is mainly marketed as a weight loss drug for women. The problem of obesity has become rampant in females in recent years. We can blame it on the rise in the obsession with junk food and processed items, hormonal imbalances, pollution, and many more.

According to studies, indulging in low-nutrient junk food is one of the biggest reasons for obesity. The addictive tastes of these highly damaging foods make people crave more and more. Moreover, the increasing pressure on women to maintain a certain image is despicable. Women, no matter how successful they are, are expected to have an ideal body shape and weight.
To attain this ridiculous standard of beauty, women look for quick and easy ways to lose weight.

The marketers of Anavar cash these pain points. They market their product as the ultimate solution to all problems.
Keeping in mind the needs of the women desperate to lose weight, they structure their slogans and ads.

You must have seen Anavar advertised as ‘safest drug to lose weight in 2 weeks’ or ‘a steroid that will help you gain muscles with minimal side effects. But these misleading ads do not notify the results of the weight lost by such pills.
Its after-effects can be severe and may permanently damage some of the normal functions.

It induces virilization or the development of characteristics of males.

This can bring about irreversible changes such as

● Change in the structure of the face
● The facial hair growth or hirsutism
● Male pattern baldness
● Deepening of the voice(typical 8n males)

Results of weight loss through Anavar in men

Anavar, the anabolic steroid, can also assist males in losing weight. The mechanism through which it works is so straightforward that you will ultimately lose all of your unwanted fat.
Sadly, males of our society are also subjected to the same kind of pressure as women. A male with a chiseled body is considered more attractive than a man with a normal body. Our society has become so obsessed with physical fitness that we do not regard intellect as an admirable feature.

This unnecessary stress forces men too, to take quick and extreme measures to get a fit body. But, for all it’s worth, you cannot have a life without complications if you use Anavar for a long time.
Although the marketing of the drug is impressive, yet the complete picture of the results of this steroid use is rarely shown.
The long-term effects of Anavar are so horrifying that one must have a genuine reason to use it.
The results of weight loss through Anavar in males include

● A problem in urinating.
● Swollen breasts and extreme tenderness
● Erectile dysfunction i.e., frequently occurring and prolonged erections.
● Lowering of sperm count, which ultimately leads to infertility in males.

Final Takeaway

Anavar can aid in losing a considerable amount of weight in a small amount of time i.e. 2 or 3 weeks. It, however, does more harm than good in both males and females. The long-term results of this drug should be seriously considered before its consumption. You should, on the contrary, look out for legal steroids options in your country to save yourself from unforeseen circumstances.


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