7 Days Challenge & 7 Steps to geta Flat Belly

by | Aug 3, 2018 | Weight loss

You can maintain your body figure while you are not able to reduce fat, but you can lose belly fats by reducing your total body fat percentage. You don’t need to change your daily habits to get the flat belly just in a week! You can gain results by following these simple steps to reduce your belly fats and the result you got the beautiful abs as you dreamed.

  1. Training

If you are planning to reduce fat and want to build muscles at a time, then the circuit training is for you. Perform three days a week. It is a combination of full body exercises which includes lunges, push-ups, and pull-ups; each exercise set is for 15 repetitions. For better results include the one-minute jumping exercise in between each exercise. You can burn 400 to 500 calories by these.

  1. Abdominal workout

The abdominal muscles work out is the essential key to success to reduce belly fats. The leg raises and crunches perform in three sets of at least 20 repetitions.

  1. Food check

Keep an eye on the food you take in this period is very important. You should take the natural food like vegetables, fruits, whole grain bread, beef, chicken, fish and dairy products of low fat.

  1. Say no to salt

The low water retention is very important, so cut your sodium intakes. Instead of salt, you can add herbs and spices to make your food delicious.

  1. Water importance

Your body needs water to flush away the toxins from your body. You can get the results of glowing skin and flat belly. Also, add the green tea and fresh fruit and vegetable juices into your routine.

  1. Say no to alcohol

In this period say no to alcohol, because it can make your stomach bloated.

  1. Stay away from the stress

Stress and anxiety may increase the cortisol, so be calm and stay away from any stress and anxiety. You may get weight on the belly area, due to certain hormone change.

Perform these exercises to get a flat tummy

When you are trying to start the fat belly journey, it’s the toughest in the world. We are giving you some moves to gain the desired results. These exercises can help to make your muscles tighten and burn the calories in your body.

Pike and stretch

Extend your legs over your hips and lie down straight. Try to touch your feet by your hands. Now put your arms back to overhead, lowering the right leg to the floor. Repeat with left leg, do that 20 times.

Bicycle crunch

Put your hand under your head and lie down flat on the floor. Bend your legs to 45 degrees; now bring your right knee to the chest and straight your left leg. And try to rotate your body to touch the right elbow to the left knee. Perform for the left side also same. Repeat 3 times and at least for one minute.

Rowing a boat

Sit down and bend your knees. Now straighten your hands in the air upside and also straight your legs and balance your body on hips. Take a breath and hold on for 40 to 50 seconds. Repeat the steps five times.


Lie down on the floor on your belly. Place your palms on the floor and widen your hands to your shoulders, spread your feet to your hip width, try to bend down your body and make sure your body is balanced straight in a line from head to your heels. Hold on for 20 to 50 seconds and repeat.


Sit in a position like your one knee is at your chin level and the other is on ground level, but not touching the floor. You can say that your both legs are forming at 90 degrees. Try to balance on the heels while backing up to the start point. Repeat with alternate sides.


Go down to the plank position. Put your body weights on your elbows flatten on the ground and try to focus something in front of your eyes. Try to push back up and keep your body engaged, and come back to the starting position. Repeat that about 15 to 25 times.


Squats are very helpful to reduce weight. Stand and spread your feet at the shoulder level. Straighten your hands in front of you. And sit like that you are sitting on a chair beneath you. While doing that keep your back straight, and your thighs are parallel to the ground. Keep tight your body and push your heels to come back to standing position. Repeat ten times.


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