15 Tips To Help You Melt Fat Like Butter

by | Mar 1, 2018 | Fitness

Probably every overweight person has tried to lose fat quickly but how many of them are successful? I am sure there are very few that have lost unwanted stubborn belly fat. There are countless weight loss and fat loss programs everywhere in the world. Some of them are based on dieting while others prefer to get rid of body fat through a rough exercise routine. Does alone restricting calories can help you to lose fat or exercise can do it for you? Well, the answer is neither of them is alone capable of doing so. A good fat-loss program is a combination of careful planning, willpower, and a few decent tricks. Here are 15 tips that will surely help you to melt fat like butter.

15 tips to melt fat like butter

15 Tips To Help You Melt Fat Like Butter

1.Improve your Protein Intake

Add lean protein to your meal plan as it ensures you are not losing any muscles. It helps you to maintain a high metabolic rate. Eating more protein also ensures maximum calories burning. Protein has a high thermic effect which enables your body to burn more energy for protein break down as it does fats or carbs. Protein also combats hunger better than all other nutrients.

Consume 1 gram of protein per pound of your body weight to burn fat quickly.

2.Implement Re-feed Days or Regular Cheat

Do you know intense dieting slows down your metabolic rate? It is because of the fact your body doesn’t receive proper calories to create energy. So the body adapts by burning lesser calories each day.

If you are on a deficit diet and eating 500 or more calories less than your body needs, then begin to add reefed days or regular cheat to boost up your metabolism.

Re-feed days are when you eat too many carbohydrates purposely whereas cheat days are when you eat when you carve.

Doesn’t matter the basic purpose of both days it to make sure you are consuming more calories than normal? In simple words, if the body is not getting proper energy, it will modify into storage mode by conserving energy.

3.Say Hi to Carbohydrates

Every fitness enthusiast thinks that carbs are enemies which are not actually. Do you know carbs sustain weight loss by normalizing body’s leptin levels? A person with low-carb diet may observe quick weight loss as the beginning. But on the contrary, a person with regular carbs consumption lost faster weight than the previous one.

The basic point is to select low-sugar, high-fiber, wholesome carbs and time them properly to work out so that they are available to energize you through your lifts. Make these good carbs a central part of a meal plan.

4.The Steady-State Cardio

Such type of cardio help you to burn calories in long run but in little amount. The steady-state cardio also increases your appetite which makes it difficult for you to stick to the diet plan. Interval training is best as it boosts up metabolism level for hours after you are finished with workouts to preserve muscle tissue.

5.Don’t Eliminate Dairy

Majority of weight watchers stop consuming dairy to lose weight. However, the researchers found that using dairy in fat-loss diet can be very effective for losing fat in the abdominal area. You can use lower-fat, lower-sugar options such as reduced-fat hard cheese, low-fat cottage cheese, and Greek Yogurt.

6.Get Quality Sleep

A quality sleep is very useful for maintaining a healthy weight. Take eight hours sleep a very night. A person who doesn’t sleep at night may suffer from insulin resistance, increased appetite and suppressed testosterone levels which can seriously affect your fat-loss goals.

7.Squats are Great for Fat Loss

All compound lifts are best fat burners as the body burns maximum calories with each rep. But squat is the top fat burning exercise. Squats work on entire lower body and core. Also, it brings you upper body into action. Do perform squats to burn calories all day long.

8.Use Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are ideal for every weight loss program. Even if you are not aiming for weight loss, use omega-3 fatty acids all time. They are great for improving insulin sensitivity, optimizing metabolic rate, supporting the immune system and reducing risks of various health diseases and conditions. There are tons of supplements with omega-3 fatty acids available in the market everywhere in the world.

9.Do you have Program Buddy?

It’s even more fun and more motivational to have a friend in every goal. Whether this is a gym partner, diet buddy or anyone else who can support you. Seriously try it because it is a game changer.

10.Choosing the Right Fats

As we mentioned above about eliminating all carbs from your diet, also don’t limit fat too. The best thing you can do is to choose right fats wisely. Smart fats like coconut oil, olive oil, seeds, nuts, and fatty variety of fish keep your heart healthy and promote a lower body composition. Don’t use manufactured fats (Trans fats) and other fats present in processed foods. These fats don’t encourage lean body and they come with health risks.

No matter which fat you choose, use them in moderation. Such fats are so calorie-dense with almost 9 calories per gram compared to 4 per gram in proteins and carbs which can overshoot the calorie target before you know. While diet try to consume no less than 0.3 grams of fat per pound of your body weight.

11.Meal Prep

There is a famous saying that “if you fail to prepare, you’re preparing to fail.” This definition is just perfect for nutrition. Always plan for your eating and then take a proper time during the week to prepare your meals. If you are not doing so, you are surely going to end up eating things you should avoid.

12.Writing Down Goals are Crucial

There are times when we want to give up on our diet. That’s a part when writing down your goals is important for sticking to your fitness plan. A famous athlete says that “Establishing a strong set of achievable goals is critical for weight loss.” Goals are crucial for keeping you on track and also keeping you accountable for the actions you perform. Start with a common goal like “ I will lose 30 pounds in four months,” and then work hard to create a small milestones along with way to aid you attaining your overall goal step by step.”

13.Fat Loss is Never Liner

In order to stay motivated and sane on your fitness program, keep in mind that fat loss is never liner. Most people get discouraged when they lose 2-3 pounds in one week and then nothing in next week.

Look at the trends rather than focusing on what happens week by week. Are clothes looking looser? Are you observing more muscle definition at the gym or are you feeling leaner? If the answer is yes then it means you are moving in right direction.

14.Keep The Big Picture in Mind

Don’t get too obsessed with your fitness goals like getting six-pack abs. Don’t get frustrated at any point and never give up. Always keep your goals board: Diet to improve your health and gain more confidence. Check yourself consistently to see you are reaching those goals in right way.

15.Use Fat Burners Wisely

Fat burners are very popular nowadays to boost up the effect of your dieting. But misusing them can be dangerous. Fat burners are going to stress your body and increased stress can lead to illness, fatigue or burnout.


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